When politicians are caught out in lies, their supporters often resort to the old cliché: all politicians lie. But that is itself a lie: most don't. Even among those who do, there are enormous differences in the importance and frequency of the lies. And it surely now clear that this nation has a far from routine problem in the scale and regularity of President Obama's lying.  read the rest of the story >  Liars, Damned Liars, and President Obama

Combat rifle sights used by U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan carry references to Bible verses, stoking concerns about whether the inscriptions break a government rule that bars proselytizing by American troops. Military officials said the citations don't violate the ban and they won't stop using the telescoping sights, which allow troops to pinpoint the enemy day or night. read more >  Michigan defense contractor has God in it sights

Over the last several election cycles, employees of the community organizing group ACORN were found to have forged thousands of voter registrations in dozens of states. According to former ACORN officials, as many as half of all of the group’s voter registrations were fraudulent. And the total number of bogus submissions by the group’s employees during the last election cycle alone could be as high as 600,000. Read the complete Story here >  Dissecting the ACORN vote fraud scam